Simon and I Duck hunting
Hunting Partners and Family Companions
-Socialization (people and dogs)
-Whistle Training
-Gunfire Exposure
-Hunting Tasks
-Crate Training and Travel
-Live Birds, Bumpers and     Dokkens
-Endurance/Stamina Training

I will provide the right training environment and training for your dog to meet your goals.  You dog will comeout of this experience better trained, more socialized and exposed to more situations and things to maximize their potential.
I train dogs to become hunting partners and family companions.  A dog that is a joy to watch work.  A hunting partner that is an asset not a nuisance.  A family member that complements your family and lifestyle.  I train versatiles (point/retrieve), pointers and retrievers.
Hunting Partners and Family Companions
Ole Blue and Wendol honoring on a quail.